PSY-832 Week 2 DQ 1 response to william gonzalez

Reference needs to be within response and at the end.
The preferred leadership style will be the Adaptive Leadership style because it shows how leaders in society must learn ways to adapt to challenges, changes, and problems around them and how they are able to encourage those around them while facing these issues. When it comes to Christian worldview I feel that the adaptive leader is suit it best due to the constant change and leaders being able to adapt to challenges and problems in the community especially when it comes to those spiritual leaders they are face every day with many challenges and problems that people may need help with. Many people in society may not believe in Christian worldview and in recent shootings in Texas in set to believe that the shooter did not believe in God. I am doing my dissertation on Soldiers’ interpretation on their ability to respond to an active shooter. In the state of Kentucky, the Catholic Archdiocese has approved for those who posse a state conceals weapons permit to bring their weapons to protect those church goes just in case someone is trying to cause hard to parishioners.