PSYC-101 Disorders Assignment (25 pts) The purpose of this assignment is for

PSYC-101 Disorders Assignment (25 pts)

The purpose of this assignment is for students to show an understanding of Psychology Disorders and concepts associated with it, specifically PTSD. Students must then apply this understanding to a specific example.

To successfully complete this assignment, students must:
1. Answer every question in complete sentences!

2. Include textbook citations within the answer in APA style.

3. Make sure that there is an APA reference page attached to the assignment.

4. Make sure to follow all directions in the assignment.

5. Upload the assignment by the due date, including the APA Reference page.

Hint: When using Google docs the formatting gets messed up on the Reference page when the document is uploaded. This means you will lose points for APA style since formatting is important. You might want to save your assignment as a docx file and then upload it!

For this assignment read the example below, then answer the questions:

Kailyn was recently in a car accident. Ever since, she has been experiencing intrusive thoughts and flashbacks. She is also having difficulty concentrating in school.

Based on her symptoms and the textbook, what DSM-5 category of psychological disorders does Kailyn’s behavior fit? (2 pts). What specific diagnosis might a therapist give her? (2 pts)

Does everyone who is in a car accident develop the same symptoms as Kailyn? Why or why not? (2 pts)

Based on your textbook, discuss one biological factor that makes a person more susceptible to developing PTSD when they experience a traumatic event (2 pts)

Research has indicated that there are gender differences in the development of PTSD. Citing your textbook, in APA style, describe these gender differences. Include at what age they first appear and cite the research from the study done at Northern Illinois University. (8 pts)

Grammar/spelling, use of complete sentences (4 pts)

Includes an APA Reference page with appropriate pages cited and uses APA referencing style in the assignment when answering questions. (5 pts)