Psychology 321

You will prepare one paper, six- to seven pages long, on specific problems related to the concepts discussed in this class. Students may choose which issue from a different category listed below is to be written about for each paper. The papers should explain the issue as well as its implications for at least two ethnic groups. My issue is protest and social change.
In their paper, you should combine your own thoughtful analysis with ideas and information found in a minimum of two academic sources other than a textbook (the textbook we use is called Racial Ethnic Groups by Richard Schaefer. Therefore, as in any scholarly writing, students should not merely copy information from another author, but use evidence to support the contentions they have drawn from their findings and critically analyze related literature – these papers must be analytical papers, not a summary of readings. These papers must meet APA requirements of format and style. Students must cite the sources of all ideas, facts, and information used that are not their own, even if they have put the information into their own words. Failure to do so is plagiarism, even if the oversight is unintentional.