Public Writing: Editorial Argument “The Social Security Trap” “The Social Security Trap”Description: In this paper, you will choose one of three public editorials and respond to the issue discussed in the piece. These editorials are located at the bottom of this module. This is an argumentative paper which means you will formulate a stance on the issue, support this stance with reasons and evidence, address the counterclaim, and conclude appropriately.  Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate critical thinking and reading skills.  Apply an understanding of the elements of writing processes to various genres.  Use strategies for composing in different rhetorical situations. Objective: By the end of this assignment, you will critically evaluate information from a source in order to develop an argumentative stance on an issue. You will craft a piece of public writing that builds this argument, offering support for key claims.  Format:  Formal Public Writing MLA Format 500-1000 words Cite editorial source on a work cited page (Editorials are at the bottom of this module)  Must include argumentative thesis “The Social Security Trap”