Qualitative data can be clear as information that come close to and

Qualitative data can be clear as information that come close to and typifies. It can be detected and documented. This sort of information is non-numerical in nature. It can be composed through approaches of reflection, one-to-one discussions, directing concentration groups, and comparable approaches (Petrona, 2022). Qualitative information is vital in defining the regularity of behaviors or appearances. It permits the scholars to formula constraints through which larger information sets can be detected. Qualitative information offers how viewers can measure the world around them (Petrona, 2022). When you think of qualitative information study there are several types that assists diverse drives and have unique strengths and weaknesses. These approaches can be used on primary data that you collected yourself or secondary data that’s already been published by someone else (Petrona, 2022).

            The two types of qualitative data analysis I selected are narrative analysis and grounded theory. Narrative analysis- as the name proposes, is all about heeding the individuals telling stories and examining what that means (Fleming, 2020). In a narrative inquiry, the scholar endeavors to discover concept within a participant’s story and keep participant stories unbroken (Fleming, 2020). It is discovering the life of an individual, reviewing one or more entities. Grounded theory is the evolving of a theory grounded in information from the field. This entails studying a method, an accomplishment, or an collaboration involving many individuals (Petrona, 2022). It is a study technique that permit you to develop a theory which proposal and clarification about the key concern of the populace of your applicable area and how that concern is fixed or handled. The likenesses between Grounded theory and Narrative analysis embrace the ensuing, both methods are grounded on natural analysis (Petrona, 2022). They concentrate on how individuals conduct oneself in normal situations while engaging in real life encounters. Both maintain analysis stems from the natural model that position itself contrary to positive model (Petrona, 2022).

            These two kinds of study will work in helping me with my research study due to narrative research helping me in being able to tell the stories of individual experiences. Narrative analysis is a method of qualitative study in which the scholar concentrates on a subject and studies the information composed from case studies, surveys, observations, or other comparable approaches (Fleming, 2020). The researcher writes their discoveries, then assess and study them.  It also will provide me with in-depth detail of a situation or life experience. Narrative research is easy in getting individuals to voice their stories, it increases in-depth information, and contributors are willing to disclose self and justification reflection, the disclosure of fact, and the providing of a voice for contributors (Fleming, 2020). While grounded theory benefits me in grounding a theory in the sights of participants. It pursues to create or realizes a theory an overall clarification for a social method, action or interaction shaped by the views of participants (Petrona, 2022). One main aspect in grounded theory is that it does not comes off the shelf but is grounded from information composed from large sample. For these reasons mention I feel that narrative analysis and grounded theory will work for my research study.


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