Question 1: Business 1- I rate the CEO’s decision as a 7

Question 1:

Business 1- I rate the CEO’s decision as a 7 out of 7 or completely reasonable. Looking at Utilitarianism the CEO certainly has the right to enact that policy. Choosing to limit which sizes and styles they carry as a business is completely ethical and within their right to choose.  Also, looking at what maximizes welfare and minimizes suffering (Doolittle, 2022), the text indicated that less than 1/100th of 1% of people would be negatively impacted by this (Bredeson, 2012) …essentially this decision doesn’t hurt 99.9% of the surrounding population.  A Utilitarian would be completely ok with this.

Business 2- I rate the CEO’s decision as a 5 out of 7.  Using Rights Theory, the CEO certainly has the right to enact that policy. The 2 ticket policy fits well within Rights Theory in that a “right is an entitlement to act, or not act” (Doolittle, 2022).  The reason I didn’t rate it a 7, is also under Rights Theory, the decision should also include the impact on the most vulnerable and I’m not entirely sure this solution considers that.

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Question 3

Which two of the five policies did you rank highest? What specific facts made them more acceptable to you than the others?

I ranked business #3 and #4 the highest. These cases of not wanting to hire someone seem like they are related to job performance (less so for business #4). A gym not wanting to hire an overweight person as a personal trainer doesn’t sound crazy to me. Business #3 doesn’t seem unethical because it is specifically related to a person being able to do the job. The person explaining the new policy could have been a bit more sensitive though.

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Q5. I would favor the Civil Rights Act because it provide protection for someone who is overweight to not let that be a determining factor if they should be hired or not hired. Also I believe it is more important for the law to protect workers because with consumer they have more options to shop some where but with workers they might be able to get hired every if they were discriminated based on their weight. Also if I feel that affects their lives a little more if they can’t make money because their overweight.

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