Question: Access the video below. Examine these slips and trips for


Access the video below. Examine these slips and trips for causes using the root cause model studied before(Bird Model). First identify the level of cause (immediate, basic, root) and the elements of each level in a summation of causes viewed.  Which causal elements stand out to you the most? What do you do about them? (10 pts)

Bird’s model of incident accident causation follows the following sequence of causation:

Management standards/compliance: This is in relation to how management is culpable in permitting hazards to be uncontrolled by creating a culture where safety is not as important as production and quality. It can also take the form of management standards for safety being too low or a lack of compliance with established safety standards. 

Basic Causes: This is in relation to personal (internal or behavioral factors) or job system factors (external or environmental factors) which lead to employees becoming involved in incidents. Typically casuses are considered symptoms of a larger issue within the organization. Examples of internal factors include..lack of skill… lack of knowledge… stress… external factors include… lack of training.. improper equipment.

Immediate Causes: Are associated with employee behavioral factors considered Substandard Acts/Practices….. and environmental factors considered Substandard Conditions… These are almost always found to be the cause of incidents which is shortsighted. The other factors play a larger role in incident accident causation largely due to management control of the workplace. Please use this accident sequence when responding to this discussion board question.