question J1

A financial aspect that must be taken into consideration is wether costs can be reduced for the organization by preventing infections and musculoskeletal injuries in nurses due to workplace related hazards. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations (2021), if a worker gets injured at work, the employer is required to pay worker’s compensation. The financial aspect could gather support from internal stakeholders as it explains how implementing preventative measures can reduce the cost of having to pay for worker’s compensation. A quality aspect that can be taken into account is how well the change project prevents the spread of infection between nurses and even towards patients. By keeping nurses safe we are also ensuring the safety of the patient and good patient outcomes. This is supports the change topic proposal as it addresses how staff safety also affects patient safety. The clinical aspect having experienced staff that are knowledgable and experienced in patient transfers and mobility to educate the rest of the staff members. Infection nurses should also be able to have seminars on appropriate PPE use and infection prevention. This relates to the change proposal as it offers a solution in the clinical setting on how to avoid such hazards.


Jun 14th, 2022