question review 11. What is the principal role of emergency management in homeland security?

question review 1

1. What is the principal role of emergency management in homeland security? Identify the other major players and their roles in homeland security.2. Identify the three directorates of the DHS and discuss their respective missions.3. Discuss the homeland security role of federal agencies other than DHS.4. Make the case for retaining an all-hazards approach to emergency management that includes terrorism and its associated hazards as one of many hazards. Discuss the pros and cons of such an approach as it relates to all four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.5. If you had been in charge of establishing the DHS, would you have included the FEMA in DHS or would you have retained it as an independent executive branch agency reporting directly to the president? Discuss the possible ramifications of moving FEMA into DHS in terms of FEMA’s mission, programs, and reporting structure. The director of FEMA no longer reports directly to the president; will this be a problem in future natural and terrorist-related disasters? What will the impact of FEMA’s inclusion in DHS be on the nation’s emergency management system?”6. What are the different transportation modes in the United States?7. How does the US government protect each?8. Discuss what types of criteria should be used for prioritizing budgets for protecting different transportation modes.”
question review 2
1. What are the key intelligence agencies in the United States? Briefly comment on their roles in terms of homeland security.2. Describe how intelligence has evolved in the United States.3. Is the Office of the National Director of Intelligence a viable alternative for the consolidation of intelligence agencies under one government “roof,” as was originally proposed in the early days following the 9/11 attacks?4. What are the various steps in the intelligence cycle, and what is involved in each?5. What are the different categories of intelligence?”6. How do the nation’s borders serve to maintain economic and physical security?7. What DHS offices are involved in each of the following, and what specific actions do they perform?a. Immigrationb. Border securityc. Customs enforcement8. How does DHS balance the protection of the nation’s borders with the freedom of movement of legitimate travelers and goods across the borders?”