question with multiple answer Apa style 7 edition

A nurse cares for a dying client. Which manifestation of dying should the nurse treat

A. Anorexia

B. Pain

C. Nausea

D. Hair loss
2. A nurse is caring for a client who has lung cancer and is dying. Which prescription
should the nurse question?
A. Morphine 10 mg sublingual every 6 hours PRN for pain level greater than 5
B. Albuterol (Proventil) metered dose inhaler every 4 hours PRN for wheezes

C. Atropine solution 1 % sublingual every 4 hours PRN for excessive oral secretions

D. Sodium biphosphate (Fleet) enema once a day PRN for impacted stool

3. State your rationale.

4. Expand your answer including nursing end-of-life care/postmortem care and general
postmortem procedures.
Review Saunders book Apa style 7edition