question with multiple answer

The client is afebrile. The nurse next assesses the client to determine a history of which

A. Pyelonephritis

B. Glomerulonephritis

C. Trauma to the bladder or abdomen

D. Renal cancer in the client’s family.

I. Expand on your rationale.
II. Describe Glomerulonephritis, including causes, complications, assessment findings,
and nursing interventions.

III. Describe Pyelonephritis, assessment findings, and interventions.

A common cause of renal colic which originates in the lumbar region and radiates around the side
and down to the testicles in men and to the bladder in women is renal calculi.

I. Provide a briefly description of renal calculi

II. Causes
III. Assessment findings

IV. Nursing interventions including nutritional therapy.

You can use any credible and scientific sources; however, you must include Saunders book
on your references and follow APA format 7th edition