Read: Assigned Qualitative Research paper and write critique. Identify and explain the

Read: Assigned Qualitative Research paper and write critique. Identify and explain the discrepancy identified in healthcare or nursing, the big problem, the current problem and the research question. Q. Why did the researcher choose a qualitative approach to this research?  

450- 500 words APA 7. 

Book Nieswiadomy for support

Using the assigned qualitative article linked below, write a critique using the guide for criteria below. 

Farzi, S., Shahriari, M., & Farzi, S. (2018). Exploring the challenges of clinical education in nursing and strategies to improve it: A qualitative study. Journal of education and health promotion, 7, 115.


1.BACKGROUND  Should include the Big Problem (the review of the literature):  Current Problem:  Framework:  Aim/purpose  and Research question(s):  

2. METHODS:    Should include the Design and Participants, Ethical considerations, Data collection, Data analysis   and Type of qualitative approach

3. RESULTS: What did the researcher find?  

4. DISCUSSION: What did the researcher conclude and recommend?

5. CRITIQUE: Language- was the language of the article easy to understand?:   Was the Research purpose clear?   Were the methods clearly identified? Why did the researcher choose a qualitative approach?  Were the results presented without bias and ethical concerns identified? What was the main point in the discussion ?   Significance:  Value to nursing:   What were the identifiable Weaknesses :   

Complete and submit the assignment by 9 pm EST Sunday module 3. 

Submission Instructions:
The paper must be in APA 7 format (title page, body with subheadings and reference page) and have no less than 450 words.  Focus on reviewing the article, not on what you think of it.  Your opinions can be put at the end under the heading:  Opinion of the article.   Consider carefully why this researcher chose a qualitative approach rather than a quantitative approach. 

The research critique form (Qualitative Research)  is attached for your benefit.  It is only to help you clarify your thoughts, not to be used in the essay.  If you fill out this form while reading the article, you will have an easier time writing your paper.  

Qulitative Critique Outline & Rubric

Using the information in Nieswiadomy (2018) and rubric below, each student will write a critique of an assigned qualitative research article. The paper is to be in APA style and incorporate appropriate grammar, spelling, sentence structure and format for a scholarly paper.

Qualiative Article Critique Guideline Content (70 points possible)

Title and Abstract, Authors:

Does the title suggest the key phenomenon and the group/person under study?

Is the abstract helpful to the reader? Why?

What evidence is provided to indicate that the researchers are qualified to conduct this study?

5 points

Problem statement and purpose, research question:

Identify the problem. Is the problem clearly stated?

What is the stated purpose of the study?

What is the research question? Is it clearly identified? If not, what is the implied question in PICO format?

5 points

Literature Review and Framework:

Was the literature review comprehensive and thorough?

Do the findings justify the need for this study?

Is a theoretical framework identified?

10 points


What is the hypothesis?

Is the hypothesis easy to find?

Is it simple/complex, directional or nondirectional?

10 points

What are the variables of interest:

Identify the independent and dependent variables.

How is the author controlling for extraneous variables?

10 points

Design and Sample:

What is the design of the study?

What method did the author/researcher use to collect the desired data?

What sampling method was used?

How were the participants recruited?

Discuss specific risks or benefits to the sampling method.

10 points


How did the researcher implement the study?

Where did the study take place?

What instruments were used to collect the data?

Were the instruments used valid and reliable?

10 points


What evidence is provided to indicate that the study subject’s rights are protected?

5 points

Analysis, Results and Internal Validity:

What kind of data analysis was done? T-tests, ANOVA, Chi-square, correlations, etc.

Were they appropriate?

What are the reported results from the data analysis?

Are you confident that the intervention is truly responsible for the difference between the groups? Why?

10 points

Limitations and Nursing Implications

What (if any) limitations were identified by the authors?

Were any future studies were identified by the author(s)?

How will these results influence practice?

5 points

APA Format

10 points

Grammar, spelling, paragraph formation/development

10 points


100 points