(Rebecca)I chose Ansel Adams. I have always enjoyed his work since the

(Rebecca)I chose Ansel Adams. I have always enjoyed his work since the beginning of my photography journey. I enjoy his landscapes; they always brought and currently still bring me a peaceful and subtle feeling.  I chose to capture a photo that would in hopes, capture the same feeling. I enjoy his black and white photography.




I chose his photo “ LEAF, GLACIER BAY, ALASKA “ which was taken in 1948.


https://www.seagravegallery.com/artists/27-ansel-adams/works/2325-ansel-adams-leaf-glacier-bay-alaska-1948/ (Links to an external site.)


This photo brings me joy. To me, this photo in its simplicity speaks volumes. As I stated above, it brings me a sense of peace.

Though there are many flowers, and leaves in this photo, my eye immediately goes to the center where the light meets the dark patch with the center flower

As explained in chapter 2, of the textbook when describing Ansel Adams, he creates poetry with his photographs. The content I believe means, simplicity, joy, peace.

My eye is immediately drawn to the center of the big flower in the center. The center where the light meets the darkness is where my eye wonders.

This purpose is to keep us thinking. He creates emotions with his photographs. The focal point where the light mees the darkness, is emotion in itself as in real life, describing our moments as humans when we have our good and bad times.

Name: Darkness meets the light

My focal point is the veins in the top leaf.

My message I hope to indicate, is that even in our dark times, we still have purpose. There is still life to live.

I am no Ansel Adams; however, I hope my attempt to create emotion did not go unnoticed.  The two photos are physically different because these are two different species of leaves, I just found a tree out back of my home. The emotion I gain from his photograph is a sense of joy and peace. The emotion I get from mine is actually the opposite, a sense a darkness and sadness, but the light reflecting hopefully offers a sense of “light at the end of the tunnel “ feeling.