RECIPE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Worth 20% of your grade See pages 234-240 in


Worth 20% of your grade

See pages 234-240 in book for ideas on substitutions and recipe swaps

You are to create a case study for a client that has dietary restrictions. In your final presentation include some details about who your client is and how you are going to adjust a recipe to fit their nutritional needs.

The recipe you choose can be a family favorite, something you made in one of your classes or a recipe you saw online, in a cookbook or a magazine that you would like to try. It can be savory or sweet. Do not use websites like Epicurious or, only reputable sources.

On the form below write the recipe in its original form.

Amounts, ingredients and procedures.

Make sure the recipe has a minimum of 6 ingredients.

Add the ingredients and amounts to the Recipe Revision Calculator under “Original Recipe” to figure out the nutritional value of the total recipe.

Calculate the nutritional value per serving. Most recipes will tell you the yield.

Convert the recipe to fit whatever lifestyle or eating plan your client needs to follow.

Gluten free, low sodium/DASH Diet, low carb/Atkins/South Beach, low sugar/Diabetic, etc.

You can look at the Eating Plan PowerPoints posted on BB on the discussion board

Substitute ingredients and cooking methods (baked instead of deep fried).

Re-write recipe with the changes to the ingredients, amounts and procedures


Fill in the “Revised Recipe” worksheet (in Recipe Revision Calculator) with the changes and calculate the nutritional value per serving.

In a summary, analyze the results once you calculate them on the Revised Recipe calculator.

Include the following information in your summary

What eating plan did you follow?

What did you need to change, cut back on or lighten?

What changes did you actually make? Ingredients, cooking methods or both. Be specific.

What was the result? Lower calories, fat, sodium, more fiber etc.

What were the differences in nutritional value per serving

You will give an oral report on May 19th accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.

The completed project should be posted in the Project tab on our BB site.

Include the Recipe Revision Calculator, the recipes and the analysis


Your name:

Eating plan/Diet you are adjusting to:

Original recipe name:


Number of portions:

Amounts and ingredients

Cooking Procedures


Amounts and ingredients

Cooking Procedures

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