Red Light. Green light The University of Oxford posted a question on

Red Light. Green light

The University of Oxford posted a question on Twitter on its official account last month: should it be illegal to run a red light in the midnight on

an empty street!

Some people think it’s not illegal: Because there’s no meaning in the police stopping you, and it’s the middle of the night, there’s no one on the road and there’s no danger to run a red light. It’s better to go to your destination as soon as possible.

Others say it’s illegal: what exact time is midnight? what kind of road

can be Classified as empty! How can we make sure there is no car? whether at night or during the do, this behavior creates risks and increases the likelihood of accidents.

Absolute adherence to rules may seem a little stubborn to most people. But in my opinion, clear rules are a great safeguard against risk Rules are rules, and we must follow them whether the road is empty or not. The essence of rules is not to restrict us on the surface but to outsource risks and the gift of civilization. In many cases, rules can even help you avoid risk and become a line of defense in your life.

I’ve seen a video about two delivery drivers stopped at a red light at the midnight. One of them chose to obey the traffic rule and wait patiently. The other one looked around and couldn’t wait, the result was he was hit by

a speeding car without the light on. At the regular crossroads, because of making different choices, the fates of two people so toward different results.

Even if you seem out of place at a red light when most people run it

never thinks it’s meaningless to follow the rule. Because, the price of a violation, maybe a lifetime of regret.