reflection of an interview

Do you think that young boys and girls should be treated the same, raised identically? Why or Why not?In your life, what have been the biggest challenges you’ve seen women face?What struggles have you faced in your life as a woman?Do women face any particular problems or challenges that men do not?What words of wisdom do you have for me and my future as a woman or how I can be a responsive male in the quest for gender equality?Questions about their views on feminism:What does the word ‘feminist” mean to you? Do you consider yourself a feminist?Do you think the position and treatment of women in society has improved during your lifetime? (For example?)Have you seen any movies, read any books, or learned any history about the women’s movement in the US or abroad that has had a powerful impact on you? (Please list or give examples?)Is there a need for an expanded ‘Women’s Movement’ today in your opinion? What work is left to be done and who needs to do it?How big a role do you feel the media plays in appropriate representation of women and the quest for gender equality – can you share any examples of media that has moved you to speak out?What are your thoughts on the recent leaked Supreme Court Opinion that is aiming to overturn Roe v Wade? Thank your interviewee for taking the time to talk with you and answer your questions, Please let them know you value their time and look forward to reflecting on our conversation and learning from your wisdom and support.Find a way to take notes or perhaps you can record the interview on your cell phone. Make sure to record your own reactions immediately afterwards.Finally, submit a typed summary of the experience/interview — including who you spoke to and why — and — the comments you found most interesting. Please share a brief-self reflection on what you learned as a result of this experience.