RES709: Week 7 Research Design

For this week’s assignment, you will select an appropriate research design for your research plan. Once you have selected an appropriate design, you must locate and review references developed with the primary methodologists associated with that design. You can find a list of methodologists for each design in the CDS Dissertation Guide.
View “Selecting an Appropriate Research Design” and the CDS Dissertation Guide.
Note: A transcript of the video is available.
Select a research design that you might potentially use to achieve the purpose of your study.
Research DesignWrite a 700- to 1,050-word summary on whether the research design you selected is a quantitative or qualitative method design and why this design appropriately aligns with your problem, purpose, and research question(s). Write in a scholarly tone and substantiate your discussion with peer-reviewed literature. Provide citations and references.
Note: You will be placing this discussion in the Research Outline Template under the Research Design section.
Incorporating feedback is essential and beneficial in the learning process and is an expectation throughout the dissertation journey. Reading feedback, reflecting on the feedback, and then properly incorporating the feedback will help to progress through the dissertation journey and improve your writing, critical thinking, and APA formatting skills.
Change MatrixA change matrix describes the changes you make to a document based on instructor feedback.
Review the Week 6 feedback from your instructor on the research method and using the Change Matrix in Appendix F of the Research Outline Template, record the instructor’s feedback in the first column, state in your own words the feedback provided in the second column, and explain what you have done to address the feedback in the third column.
Continue using the Research Outline Template provided in Week 3 and:
Revise your problem and purpose statements, if needed.
Revise the RQs from Week 5, if needed.
Revise the methodology section from Week 6 based on instructor’s feedback.
Add your research design discussion in the Research Design section. Substantiate your discussion using peer-reviewed literature.
Complete the Change Matrix in Appendix F of the Research Outline Template for feedback provided in Week 6.
Format in-text citations and references according to APA guidelines.
For a well-structured scholarly paragraph please refer to the MEAL Plan section in Appendix H of the Research Outline Template.
Use the APA Tutorials located in Doctoral Writing Resources and format your paper according to APA guidelines.