research paper for microbiology

It has to be 3-5 pages. You can pick any topic, but it has to be related to microbiology.
APA Formatting
also need a abstract (250 words or less) and biblography for my paper( doesnt count is the 3-5 pages.
For the sources, i need to use 3 articles and it cannot be websites. Any published paper from the CDC would be fine.
If you are paraphtasing, please include the citation in parentheses at the end of the statement. Make sure to use ur own words as much as possible.
Quotes if you are quoting
I will attach the guidelines for the paper,, research paper tips and a sample APA formatted research paper and basic APA tips. Please make sure to go through all the attachments and follow whatever it is asked.
also let me know what topic you would be choosing.