Respiratory Effects of E Cigarettes am also attaching a sample PPT just as a reference Instructions:THE 3 STUDENTS IN EACH GROUP will be submitting an article/journal on a topics about Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.The article has to be current, not more than 5 years from the date of publication and should be related to Disease control , prevention, diagnostic tool, preventative measures, anticipatory guidance and alternative practice. THE  STUDENTS  will be presenting a Power Point Presentation of the approved article ;the presentation SHOULD NOT BE LESS THAN 15 power point slides and should have one relevant article related to the main topic incorporated in the presentation.Journal Article Presentation Criterion                                                Total Points Possible 15    Points Earned/ Points Possible 5PresentationStyle    Introduces ethical issues in the selected journal article that clearly states points of the discussion. Provides the title of the article selected, name of author(s), date of publication is from a peer-reviewed journal. (5 points)Is missing one of the three main components of an introduction. Ethical dilemma inferred  (3 points)Is missing two or three of the components of an introduction. Ethical dilemma not clearly identified. (1 point)    _________/ 5Audience Engagement    Verbal -Volume