Response Paper 3. 20 years from now.

Tell me about what you think your life will be like on this typical future Friday in your life. How old will you be? Which of Erikson’s psychosocial stages will you be in? How well are you achieving the hallmarks of the Eriksonian stage you are in? Tell me about the past Eriksonian stages you’ve moved through and what the outcomes were. What about your career, your lifestyle, your future plans?
Feel free to use your your creativity and have some fun on this one, but be reasonably realistic, too. I really want to get a good sense of your vision of the future you in the context of lifespan development.Other Paper Criteria
Your paper needs to be submitted as a Microsoft Word file ONLY. If you do not have Word, there are easy ways to save you file into Word format.
The paper also needs to be at least three full double-spaced pages long, and show evidence that you put thought and effort into it.
Your page margins should be 1 inch all around, your font should be no larger than 12 points, and the main part of your paper should begin right on the first available line on the first page. There is no need to put your name, the class name, my name, the date, etc. on your paper since you are turning it in online.
Do not attempt to “fluff” your way through length requirements in any way (extra spaces, larger margins, larger font sizes, etc.) because I will mark you off for it.
Make sure to proofread your work. While I am not specifically grading you on writing mechanics, your paper does need to be college level work and make sense.