Responsibilities for Temporary/Contract Workers

Employees are exposed to a variety of hazards in the manufacturing process, including ergonomic hazards; exposure to hazardous chemicals and wood dust; use of table saws, jigsaws, grinders, sanders, and other power and hand tools; noise hazards; etc. Sales are primarily to regional construction companies building new homes. Historically, production and sales are seasonal, since home-building activities are slow in the fall and winter, but robust throughout the spring and summer months. As a result, your employer hires seasonal employees through a temp agency. However, these seasonal workers work side by side with full time, permanent employees, perform the same tasks, and are exposed to the same potential hazards. As you are learning the policies and procedures for your new company, you discover that only full time, permanent employees are given new employee orientation and annual safety training. Injuries incurred by temporary employees are not recorded on the company’s OSHA 300 log, nor are they covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. When you ask the director HR about it, you are told that the temp agency is responsible for all of that. Compose a memo to the CEO of your company outlining the potential safety, health, compliance, and liability issues associated with hiring temporary workers. Be sure to address the following:outline the potential issues associated with the company’s current practice,explain OSHA’s expectations, requirements, and recommendations for host employers,recommend a management process, procedure or program to address occupational safety and health issues associated with both the host and temporary employees, andexplain how your proposed recommended course of action will assist your organization to reduce liability and benefit your organization. the OWL,Sample MemoYour memo should be double spaced and contain appropriate in-text citations to scholarly resources used to develop your proposal. Include a separate reference page with all references used.