Review on Appplications of lignin in comparison with fossil fuel

Literature review on latest and different applications of lignin in comparison with fossil fuel. The objective of the study focus on applications of lignin with different catalyst involved in the conversion of lignin to useful products in comparison with fossil fuel. The literature review should be based on the latest research from 2017 to 2021 and should include tables/graphs/pie charts/figures explaining the comparison with fossil fuels. The review gives an idea about the applications of lignin focuses on catalytic conversion ( lignin to useful products with help of different catalysts) in comparison with fossil fuels. Please avoid Medical Applications of LigninNo Need of introduction too. I am expecting 4 pages of lignin applications and its comparison with other fuel/plastic/fertilizer/polymer etc and mention which catalyst used for processing lignin to fuel/chemical/plastic/fertilizer etcFollow this structure please

1) Lignin applications and its comparison:-

Small introduction about lignin applications of 50 to 70 words maximum. (No need to mention what is lignin,catalysis,structure,types,isolation etc)

1.1) Application of lignin based chemical and its comparison with other chemical which cause environmental damages, heath issues etc

1.2) ligninbased fuel and its comparison with fossil fuel. Which catalyst used for processing of lignin to fuel and under which conditions like temperature, pressure etc in tabular form

1.3) ligninbased fertilizer and its comparison with other fertilizer which cause pollution,health issues and mention which catalyst used in processing lignin based fertilizer and its conditions.

1.4) similarly with lignin based cement

1.5) similarly with lignin based plastic/polymer

So many applications you can mention

If u can please include maximum 2 novel applications like lignin based hydrogel and which catalyst used in processing and its comparison I request you to make 4 pages of applications of lignin and its comparison with other. Mention which catalyst and conditions like temp,pressure,water balance,water temp.

used in processing of lignin to products by catalysis.