Rewrite case study

I will provide first question and second question, they are consistent paragraphs, please fix this paragraph by provide evidence to consumer’s benefits as question 2 was focused on. I already fix the first paragraph.
3. Which product benefits should he focus on?
As mentioned, the company should concentrate solely on fresh produce and dairy products. Sample6 should focus on overall health and nutrition as well as food quality within these two market to provide the best benefit to the end consumer.
There are various reasons for going with this choice. One is the cheap costs associated with the products. This allows the company to do more work with low budgets. In turn, the company gains small profits but from numerous clients. This allows the company to grow and expand as it gains reputation. The advantage of this being that once the reputation is built. It is possible to undertake more rigorous endeavors such as the seafood sector that requires more funds and low sales volume. On the other hand, the popularity of these products makes it easy to engage in the market (Higgins