Rights and liberties

You MUST pick either African  American or LGBTQ civil rights movements that have used various actions and strategies to seek equality with the rest of society.In the case of the LGBTQ movement, it eventually won a US Supreme Court case,  Obergefell v. Hodges, that legalized same-sex marriage in 2015. While this is can be seen as a major advance, there remain hurdles to achieving equal rights including efforts by politicians, state, local and federal governments, courts,  and/or other groups that are hostile to them as a group. A good example of a roadblock for LGBTQ people is a lack of employment protection in many states, see here Links to an external site., or the attempts by the Trump Administration to ban transgender people from serving in the military Links to an external site.(subsequently held constitutional by the US Supreme Court in 2019). Another movement that continues to push for equal treatment before the law is African Americans. African Americans have struggled since the first days of the Republic to achieve first their freedom from slavery and then their civil rights; this took place over a 200 year period.  But as recent events in the US highlight, many historical civil rights victories including the ending of Jim Crow Laws, the US Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board (1954) Links to an external site.decision, and the Equal Rights Act Links to an external site.(1964), have failed to usher in equality for many African American citizens. You can read the recent report from the McKinsey company on the economic disparities between African American citizens and the rest of the country, here Download here.Your essay should use the following structure (use this structure as an informal rubric):Briefly summarize and explain what Civil Rights mean in the U.S. Constitution. Use the textbook and module videos as your sources and clearly indicate where you get your information from. State which group  (African Americans or LGBTQ ) you are examining. Describe how the civil rights of that group’s members were/are violated and by whom. Use concrete examples and evidence to support your claims.Your essay will be graded on how well you detail the sweep of historical events that advanced and stalled your chosen movement’s push for constitutional equality, how compelling your argument and the evidence you use to support that argument is, and how well the essay is written (if you read the penultimate draft of your essay out loud, you will be able to hear if it is well written).Bonus questions (one point each)(Write your answers at the top of the first page immediately under your essay’s word count):The US Constitution, before the Bill of Rights, was added, contains how many provisions for individual equality?Who was asked, “How many bubbles are in a bar of soap?” and what was the intent of the question?