Running Head: HEALTH AND WELLNESS PROJECT Health and Wellness Project Annotated Bibliography


Health and Wellness Project

Annotated Bibliography


Liberty University

Shaina Morgan


For my topic I chose to discuss nutrition education for young children and their families.

Reference 1

Jung, T. (2019, January 29). Influence of School-Based Nutrition Education Program on

Healthy Eating Literacy and healthy food choice among primary school children. Taylor & Francis. Retrieved November 8, 2022, from

This article Talks about a study that explores advantages of school-based healthy eating programs. It discusses the benefits for young children developing healthy eating patterns. The article mentions the value of nutrition and how it affects children’s development. This information will be presented in my project.

Reference 2

Nowak, A. J., Kolouch, G., Schneyer, L., & Roberts, K. H. (2012). Building Food Literacy and

Positive Relationships with Healthy Food in Children through School Gardens. Childhood Obesity, 8(4), 392-5.

This article goes over the importance of nutrition education and the benefits of school gardens. The article mentions obesity in children and how providing “positive food cultural through experience” can help prevent it.

Reference 3

Nekitsing, Chandani, Marion M Hetherington, and Pam Blundell-Birtill. “Developing Healthy

Food Preferences in Preschool Children Through Taste Exposure, Sensory Learning, and Nutrition Education.” Current obesity reports. 7.1 (2018): 60–67. Web.

This article goes over developing healthy habits in young children through exposure, sensory, and nutrition education. It is important children are getting their daily recommended amount of vegetables and this article provides tips on how families and school can incorporate that.

Reference 4

Learn how to eat healthy with myplate. MyPlate. (n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2022, from

Another resource I will use for this project is the U.S. Department of Agriculture, MyPlate.Org. The information from this website provides nutrition facts that schools and families can use to help create a well-balanced diet for children. MyPlate also offers ideas for physical activities that are good for children to be involved in. This information will be incorporated in my project.

Reference 5

MindTap – Cengage Learning. (n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2022, from

Using our textbook for this project will help guide me to accurately talk through nutrition education and its importance. Throughout our textbook it goes over dietary guidelines for americans and how to incorporate this at school and in home which I will incorporate in my assignment.