Running head: PM TOPIC: LITERATURE REVIEW 1 I strategically selected and reviewed



I strategically selected and reviewed articles that pertain to the topic of project scope using real life project examples. From my analysis I was able to identify that project scope management is a significant determinant of the achievement of deliverables in various ways. One of the most repeated affirmations from the articles is that project scope allows project managers to introduce a multidimensional standpoint that makes it easier to identify risks and find applicable solutions to ensure that deliverables are achieved (Zaman, Nawaz, Tariq, & Humayoun, 2019).  I was able t identify that project scope allows managers to achieve their deliverables because of the introduction of order and structure to the project activities. This is because project scope management primarily entails planning, creating a work breakdown order, and validation of the project scope (Abdilahi, Fakunle, & Fashina, 2020). I was able to understand the importance of every project applying a project scope management because it aids in the delivery of deliverables and, thus, the success of the project.

I also identified that scope management is a significantly delicate process that demands project flexibility. I learned that the flexibility can only be achieved if the manager’s leadership and vision of scope management merge to develop a sensible project scope. However, my assessment of the article identified measures that can e implemented to ensure that a project scope management is flexible enough to achieve priorities in a project. I was able to identify that overcoming barrier in project scope management to be the dominant way to achieve project flexibility that will aid in the achievement of long-term priorities. Barriers such as lack of specificity in the technical and aspects of a project, incomplete or inaccurate scope definitions, and inappropriate pricing as some of the most dominant barriers to successful project scope management.


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