Sampling Social Media – Discussion 2?

When we carefully select a smaller, representative sample, we can more efficiently make generalizations about the population. It would be impossible to conduct research if every scholar had to do a census every time, not to mention extremely expensive! As you’ve learned there are two types of sampling, probability and non-probability, as well as several techniques for each. Both types and their techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, so scholars have to decide which is more appropriate for their study. This discussion is going to ask you to describe how you would sample a social media platform and explain why your choices are the most appropriate. You will need to post before you can see your peers’ contributions.For your prompt POST (click the reply button below), imagine that you are studying sexism on a particular social media platform (you choose which one). You have decided to collect data from user accounts, but need to figure out how to go about sampling. What type of sampling would you use, probability or non-probability? Why? What technique would you use, e.g. snowball, simple random sampling, etc.? Detail the process step-by-step. How large would your sample be? Why? .