Scholar Paper Assignment

Building on content learned so far in this course, construct a paper that provides a comprehensive response to the question: As practical nurses, how can we blend traditional knowledge with foundational knowledge to provide culturally safe and appropriate care to the population of the Northwest Territories? It will be important to explain a personal understanding of how traditional and foundational knowledge may be blended by drawing upon information from the literature, class discussions, your on-the-land experience, Living Well Together modules, and personal reflections.While the following questions do not have to be precisely answered, consider them as part of the inquiry and analysis:- How do you define traditional knowledge? How do you define foundational knowledge? What are some similarities between the two types of knowledge that could aid in a smooth blending of the two in your practice?- Do you anticipate any challenges in blending traditional and foundational knowledge in your practice? What are the challenges you foresee? How can these challenges be mitigated?- What are some historical events that may influence how you blend traditional and foundational knowledge?Format of the paper:- Maximum 5 pages (title page and reference page are extra).- Well-organized (includes an introduction, discussion paragraphs, a conclusion,headings where applicable, transitions between ideas).- Strong writing skills (sentencing, paragraphing, spelling, grammar, abbreviations,vocabulary, tensing).- Referencing follows APA 7th edition style guidelines.- Formatting follows APA 7th edition style guidelines.Minimum 4 references must be included. Use assigned course readings as well as other books, textbooks, and/or appropriate literature from the internet. At least one of these should be a journal article.