se 200 Social Enterprise Presentation

Presentations will identify:
the business model chosen by the social enterprise,
the problem that is being addressed,
the beneficiaries, and
the market that is being targeted.
The instructors will provide a list of social enterprises in Canada
from which the social enterprise may be selected, or student may
select a different social enterprise (based in Canada or globally).
Once you select a social enterprise, please also add it to the
signup sheet. Once an enterprise has been added to the list,
teams that sign up later cannot present on that same social
enterprise. It is in your best interest to select an enterprise as
soon as you can!
Learning Objectives
Practice identifying problems and assessing beneficiary
Ability to critically and effectively analyze primary and
secondary information
Ability to critically assess the credibility of a source
Increased comfort with public speaking

you need to work on a PowerPoint and also a script for that
I also attach all the lecture PPT here