se 200 Source Presentation editing

The article may be selected from the
compiled list (see Source Identification assignment), or a
different article may be selected. Students should be prepared to
answer questions from their peers and course instructors about
the article and its relevance to the course. Groups must submit a
single slide as a visual aid to accompany the presentation.
Presentations occur at the start of class during weeks 3 – 4, 6 – 12.
Groups must sign up for a time to present. Groups and times will
be assigned if not selected by the end of Week 2.
Once you select an article, please also add it to the signup sheet.
Once an article has been added to the list, teams that follow
cannot present on that same article. It is in your best interest to
select an article as soon as you can!
Learning Objectives
An introductory understanding of social
entrepreneurship and the social enterprise system
Improving research skills, including the ability to critically
assess the credibility of a source
Contributing to shared work and learning from peers
Increased comfort with public speaking

you only need to edit it