Self-Evaluation of Consulting Competencies and Professional Development Plan

Assignment Instructions
Complete the Organization Development Competencies Self-Assessment Survey from this unit’s studies, if you have not already.This self-assessment (attached) is designed to help you identify your strengths and areas for development in relation to the needed knowledge, skills, and competencies for effective organization development consulting. This tool will help you assess your areas for development within three categories:Knowledge.
Personal and interpersonal competencies.

Create a personal development plan once you complete this self-assessment and reflect on your results. You may also choose to use a more technical skill you wish to learn; the key is to make this relevant and meaningful for you.
Use the format below to create a professional development plan for this assignment. Be sure to include at least three strengths and three development areas. You can download the Word version of the chart from the resources. Delete the example rows and fill out the chart from what you have learned this term.