Shaming and social utility response

his response requires you to watch the film 15 Minutes of Shame and a short New York Times article.
Proponets would say that “cancel culture” (or shaming) is useful as a way to police society’s norms and punish transgressors. In the film Roxanne Gay, for example, calls it “consequence culture.” For this response, address the question: Does cancel culture have “socil utility”? If so, why. Highlight at least three points from the film and Loretta Ross’s article (she is also in the film) to answer the question. Show me that you have watched the film by also providing at least three quotes that you find important.
Watch: 15 Minutes of Shame. (Links to an external site.)This documentary provides a good background on cancel culture.
Read: Loretta Ross, “I’m a Black Feminist. I think Call-Out Culture is Toxic: There are better ways of doing social justice work,” (Links to an external site.) The New York Times Here is the PDF if you have run out of freebies Ross – I_m a Black Feminist. I Think Call-Out Culture Is Toxic.PDF