short project 1

The possible topics for your survey are (select one):Opinions about the adoption of hybrid learning (that is, combining in-person and remote instruction) in colleges/universities after the pandemic.  Attitudes toward requiring colleges and universities to pay student athletes for their performance in college sports. Concerns about the job market among new college graduates. Answer the following questions:Q1. For the topic you select, treat the underlined content as a starting point for your dependent variable. Think of a second variable that might be associated with (or have a cause-effect relationship with) this dependent variable. State a hypothesis (or draw a model) that represents this bivariate relationship (2 points). Q2. Based on your topic, describe your intended target population and explain why this is a suitable choice (1 point) Describe your sampling procedure: What type of sample would you use and how would you approach this task practically (1 point)? Q3. Write a survey composed of three closed-ended questionnaire items. Include, among these three items, at least one item providing a measure of your dependent variable, and at least one item that provides a measure of the other variable in your bivariate relationship proposed under Q1.(2 points for the quality of each survey item. Quality will be assessed in terms of face validity, precision, and avoidance of biased wording (i.e., no double-barreled items, loaded questions, etc). 2 points for clean formatting, for a total of 6 points).