short writing

It helps to understand Business Law to study a current legal topic. Society today poses some heated debates regarding these issues. Choose one that you find interesting or even concerning.
In 300- 500 words research and answer one of the following prompts (See below).
In answering find at least two rules of law to share. Underline your rules and cite to the code/jurisdiction that they are relevant to.
Bring in at least two sources of information that you find credible. Use the sources in your response and cite properly using APA or MLA.
After bringing in the rules offer an opinion on the issue.
1) Should our laws promote more Whistle blowing in companies today?
2) Should companies be allowed to enforce non-disclosure agreements to protect their intellectual property?
3) Over time have the copyright laws evolved to protect the artists or the recording companies?
4) Do we need more regulation of insider trading? First start with how the laws have defined insider trading.