SOC 3316 Summer 2022 Prof. Zee Tzankova




For this project, you will pick a company (any company, from any industry sector), and research its climate commitments, efforts, and actions.

The goal of your research will be to:

Determine your company’s commitments and actions on climate

Figure out how your company compares to industry peers and competitors (e.g. within its sector, is it a leader, a laggards, etc.).


The credibility of your company’s climate commitments

The ambition, value (climate mitigation value) of your company’s climate actions

Analyze why the company is making these commitments and actions (here, you will use company data you find through your research, and also use insights and knowledge from class readings and discussion – these will come in handy in analyzing the “why” – why your company is taking (or failing/refusing) to

Make climate commitments

Take action to reduce its GHG emissions & its contributions to climate change


You will present the findings of your research in a 4-5 page (single-spaced, references included) company briefing.

The briefing will start with a brief introduction that

States the briefing’s objective (to present and analyze the climate commitments and action of your target company),

Justifies the importance of this work (i.e. include a sentence on WHY it is important to understand corporate climate commitments and actions, and those of your company in particular)

Gives a super-brief outline (2 sentences) on how the rest of your briefing is organized (i.e. what topics & questions you cover in each subsequent section)

You can organize the body of the briefing in different ways that cover all the questions listed in RESEARCH GOALS ABOVE. FOR EXAMPLE, you can start with a brief section summarizing the climate commitments and actions of your particular company, and providing a timeline of those commitments and actions (past and projected). THEN, you can include a section analyzing the drivers of corporate climate action for your company – i.e. a section that a) uses what you have learned about your company from your own research into its climate pledges and actions and b) used your class knowledge of broader drivers of corporate greening to state why you think your company is undertaking its particular set of climate commitments and actions. THEN, you can follow with a section analyzing the credibility and likely success of your company’s climate actions (HERE, you can use insights and analysis from a range of sources – i.e. you don’t have to only give your own original analysis – you can triangulate from different sources – business, nonprofits, government, other stakeholders – figuring out what they think about the credibility and likely fulfillment of your company’s climate pledges).

You will end your briefing with a very short conclusion, that presents your assessment of the credibility and promise of your company’s action on climate.