SOC441-01: Juvenile Delinquency

This essay requires you to critically analyze the story featured in “There are no children here: The story of two boys growing up in the other America” (Kotlowitz 1992). Focus your discussion on three domains.
i) Briefly summarize Kotlowitz’s book (K’s book). Do not recount the story.
ii) Discuss 3-4 factors on how each constitutes an important risk for crime/delinquency in this neighborhood.
iii) Address how delinquencies in K’s book are consistent and inconsistent with the patterns you learn (concerning gender, age, race, class, geographic location, offender vs. victim characteristics).
Causes of Delinquency
i) Select 2 theories (one from each category below):
Category 1: Anomie; Cultural Deviance; Disorganization; Routine Activity; Critical
Category 2: General Strain; Social Learning/DF; Social Control (Bonds/SC); Rational Choice; Labeling
ii) Describe your chosen theories in detail (include one reference for each theory other than textbook/lectures).
iii) Address how each theory explains