Social Environment Paper

Please note that you will NOT be creating an actual website. Your paper should include text, photos, maps, links to videos, and live links to outside resources that may be valuable to future visitors to the country. Your paper should include the following elements:
A comprehensive description of your chosen country, including information on the following components:Historical events that shaped the country
Geographical landmarks and important geographical features (including features that helped shape the country’s culture and/or industry)
The economic situation, including any major trade partners and/or influencing countries
Major and minor religions, and a description of how those religions have changed over the history of the country and how the religions have shaped the political and economic landscape.
The overall cultural (including art and architecture) and the political landscape

Since your paper will focus on content that you would include on an imaginary website about your Pacific Rim country, be sure to include photos for each of the main areas specified above. You also can include links to outside resources such as video as well.