social media branding

You’re a new tech company who is developing an app to help tutor students in grade school with math. The app has specially-designed games aimed at students in each grade to help advance skills, and not only seamlessly pass their semester of course work, but develop math learning beyond their age group. The games are fun, interactive and designed to feel like a typical video game, rather than a cognitive development tool. You want to advertise your app by offering a free subscription for the first month to anyone who signs up. You will organically reach audiences on social media through careful planning. Your brand voice is energetic, playful and informative.1. Fill out the following demographic profile:Who is the primary audience?Who is the secondary audience?What platform will you predominantly use to promote your product? Why?When will be the best months to advertise your product? Why?What are potential hobbies and interests of your primary demographic? List 10.2. Write a CTA, description and direct your audience as to where they can find the link to the promotion for organic posts on the following apps:Instagram (under 550 characters)LinkedIn (under 550 characters)Facebook (under 550 characters)Tiktok (max 100 characters)Bonus marks: Make an ad using canva for the platform of your choice! Details:You will be graded on critical thinking and the “why” behind each answer.You will be graded on brand voice and optimization of character usage.You will be graded on potential effectiveness of descriptions on your proposed demographic.Please submit assignments on Bright Space.Please submit as a PDF.Please write your name on the assignment.Assignment is worth 20% of your cumulative grade.THIS IS COURSE WORK! NOT AN ESSAY. Sorry if that was rude, but I need it written like last time. Got a 90.