Social Policy

Identify and describe a social problem that relates to policy in the area you chose (either voting or social work licensure). Voting is the chosen area!!!!Describe in one paragraph the problem itself. Next, describe in one paragraph the reasons that social workers might want to address policy related to this problem.

Using the Code of Ethics as a resource, think about the ways that policy advocacy to address the identified problem connects to social work values and ethics. Choose at least one of the six ethical principles to discuss, as well as at least two ethical standards. For each, describe the ways in which advocacy related to this problem can help to move us closer to practice within the ethical principle or standards chosen. Provide at least 2-3 sentences on each (a total of 6-9 sentences in this answer overall).

Identify and describe at least two existing policies that relate to this social problem. You may choose to use Social Work Speaks, your textbook, or other resources. For each policy, describe the name of the policy, the level of government, and the geographic location of the policy. Next, in a few sentences, describe how the policy connects to the social problem. You will write 1-2 paragraphs for each of the two policies.

Finally, choose one point in the policy process where you think a social worker might be able to intervene to address this problem. This may connect to one of the policies you described above, or it may be a different part of the policy process. Describe why you think this point in the policy process is one that lends itself to social work intervention for this issue and what you think the social worker might do. Your answer to this question should be 1-2 paragraphs.Plagiarism detector utilized by Lecturer!!!