someone can help me write a 2 pages essay

How do these markers provide you privilege and/or disadvantage in society? Explain how they provide you privilege and/or disadvantage and provide examples from your experience that demonstrate your points:
Race and Ethnicity : I am a hispano/latino
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Socio-economic class : middle class
Minimum length 2 pages (more is okay less is not!). Double spaced. 12 font/Times Roman. 1 inch margins all the way around.
Class notes:
we participated in a classroom activity that tried to help you understand the relationship between starting points and privilege. Moreover, the activity tried to help you understand how privilege (or the lack of it) is reinforced through the creation and application of law. We related these lessons to the histories that we have learned thus far.
-If you have a majority string you will have an extensive network because it provide more power and can influence change the system.
-Majority strings have more access to the resources and the strings were longer.
-minorities build a community.
-you have a system ( you have rules to follow)
-some rules are not just for others.
-the system is structure to follow the rules. it is also not neutral. whoever who control the system will benefit from that (wealth) anglo saxon- white superiority.
-minorities are a threat – the laws does not apply equally.
-industrialization era create economic crisis.
-you just follows the rules of a system that privileged some and create disadvantages some. you live those labels or try to challenge them.
American mind
Counter cutural
-anglo saxon complex
Thru laws
-court of privilege
-tax miners tax
Extra legal
-Civil rangers
starting points:sex , etnicity, socio economic etc..