Something’s Gotta Give Movie Review

GERS 1301
Dr. Rhynes-Hicks

Assignment 2: Something’s Gotta Give Movie Review
With: Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, Frances McDormand, Amanda Peet

You assignment is to rent and review the movie Somethings Gotta Give.

These are the steps to complete the assignment.
• You must have a coversheet with your name, the date, the course name, the semester year, and the assignment title and number
• Your paper must be at least two pages in length not to exceed 3 pages, which does not include the coversheet or bibliography page or any pictures you may add to your assignment.
• Your paper must be doubled space, use 12 size font, Time Roman.
• Completely summarize the movie and speak on the intimacy.
• Clearly identify the insecurities of the main female character and main male character.
• Use Chapter 7 in your book and compare it to the sexuality in later life that was seen in the movie. Book usage should be at least one paragraph (6 or more sentences).
• Movie review information from other sources is not permitted.
• Your paper should have a reference page, using APA style to cite your information. An example of the citation is under course information.
• Your paper is due: September 20, 2021 no later than 11:55pm.

This assignment is worth a total of 100 points.
Your grade is constructed accordingly:

Cover sheet 15 points
Summary of movie 20 points
Female main character insecurities 10 points
Male main character insecurities 10 points
The use of book material relevant to the insecurities of the main characters 15 points
The consistency/flow of your paper 10 points
The use of correct font size and style 10 points
Bibliography 10 points