SOP Social Psychology

I need hep with the following questions. They should have at least 150 words each one. !
1-What society tells people will make them happy (wealth, success, beauty, power, etc.) are pretty at-odds with what the research shows makes people happy (strong social ties, having a default mindset of happiness, being thankful for the good in one’s life, doing what one genuinely enjoys, etc.). If you were given the task of getting people to realize this, how would do it? Many people will be skeptical and your message will be constantly drowned-out by the opposite messages that society sends (‘buy this, it’ll make you happy,’ ‘look like this, you’ll feel better about yourself,’ etc.), how would you combat the skepticism and competing messages? How can people avoid the continual ups and downs of the Hedonic Treadmill of life?
2-Based on this weeks reading, what are some effects of stress and how can it be prevented.