SOSC301 group climate week 7

PART A 150 words
The video shows a snippet of a workplace human resources meeting.
Team meeting updates
After watching the video, write an initial post in which you address the following:
Explain what you think the meeting leader and participants in the video did well in terms of fostering a positive group climate and facilitating a productive meeting. Use ideas from lecture to support your arguments.
Outline the behaviors demonstrated by the meeting leader and participants that you believe may have undermined group climate and/or the productivity of the meeting. Use supporting examples and ideas from lecture to justify your rationale.
Offer specific recommendations that the meeting leader or participants could follow in the situation in the video to have a more productive meeting and supportive climate. Finally, detail the exact affects you think these recommendations would have.
Upload your Portfolio Project to the Program or Institutional Outcome listed in the Portfolio Project directions.
The following pieces should be included in your final PowerPoint:
A slide focused on the sex, gender, ethnicity, generation, race, or culture you chose to study, along with a rationale/explanation for its selection. (From Part I)
Your analysis of the primary source and secondary sources and how they enhance your understanding of multicultural awareness and collaborating with others of a different race/persuasion/background etc. in the workplace. (From Part II