Special Topics in Social Service Worker Rationale: You have all been learning

Special Topics in Social Service Worker



You have all been learning about what constitutes a social problem. Please write about addiction in Canada and work on creating resources to support an individual and/or family around this issue. It is important to expand your skills regarding seeking appropriate and relevant resources for the client in order to support sustained change and wellbeing.



Reflect on your target population that relates to your client’s challenge Example – people facing substance use issues

Research the range of challenges your target audience may face. Example – physical health, family breakdown and how this is impacted by social policies already in place

Are there new policies that could be created? Include those.

Reflect on what resources are available and what resources could be helpful

Develop a resource page of existing services for those experiencing this challenge and one for new resources and activities that could be beneficial


(1-page) Outline of the range of challenges the community/individuals chosen face. Provide at least 5 different challenges faced.

(1-page) Resource page of wellness options that currently exist for those experiencing the challenges faced by your client, and the policies that support and/or impede wellness around the social issue.

 You must include a range of options for those that do and do not have access to technology (minimum of 10 resources). Example: Narcotics Anonymous may be a resource that combines both in-person group meetings and virtual group meetings.

(1-page) Resource guide which includes additional resources or exercises/activities the audience may participate in. Think outside of the box! Example: Local meetups for walks in the park; online yoga; nature hikes; volunteering at a local foodbank; peer support training…etc. (feel free to use my examples and expand on them if they are relevant to your client/target population). Name items that align with current policies – including how the policies might be limiting.