specialized units

Note how this is a contradictory action to the information you have read in this module. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ottawa-police-shift-specialized-officers-1.3523810Trinh, J. (2016). Ottawa police to shift specialized officers, focusing on ‘core’ servicesHaving now read about specialized policing and how it supports front line policing in this module, as well as a contradictory move, as outlined in the article above, write a position paper (two to three pages long) in which you do the following:Choose a position for or against using specialized policing; you must clearly choose a stance on this topic.Discuss the pros and cons of using or not using specialized policing based on your selection.Validate your points with credible sources; for example, you may discuss the points presented in the readings (and Voices from the Field videos) as well as from other research you conduct. Try to find examples of other police services to support your position.Use APA formatting, in-text citations, and a reference list for all sources.