SPIN magazine

LCV Cultural Theory Weekly Assignment 6 (5%)





Read this article from SPIN magazine.


In the discussion forum for this week, post a 500-word text that addresses the following:

  • Apply Marx’s concept of alienation to the video for “Wings”. Find an example in the video and/or in Macklemore’s response (as quoted in SPIN magazine) for each of Marx’s 4 aspects of alienation.
  • Identify one ideology other than capitalism at work in the song/video—either explicitly or indirectly.
  • Discuss how a brand name has influenced your sense of


Evaluation Criteria

Competency: Understand the roles of materialism, advertising, economics and popular culture in our capacity to make decisions as individuals, groups and societies
Tasks or elements requiredPoints
Learner provides an example for each of Marx’s 4 aspects of alienation. 


Learner identifies one ideology other than capitalism in the music video. 


Learner appropriately discusses how a brand name has influenced their sense of identity. 








Assignment submission (IPEL, art. 5.8)


All assignments used as summative evaluations must be submitted in class at the time determined by the tutor. All late submissions result in a grade of zero (0) for that assignment. For online learning, all assignments used as evaluations (homework, projects, etc.) must be submitted to the tutor. On this platform, learners can find a document that provides the specifics with regards to the submission of work.


Plagiarism and cheating (IPEL, art. 5.16)


Plagiarism, attempts at plagiarism or fraud, or collaboration in plagiarism or fraud are prohibited and considered serious offences. Thus, any instances of plagiarism or fraud will lead to a grade of ’0’ for the assignment in question. In addition, a note will be made in the learner’s file, and the learner will receive a written notice from his or her Program Directorate to that effect. In the case of recidivism, in the same course or in another course, the learner will be given a grade of ’0’ for the course in question. (IPEL, art. 5.16.3).