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” It’s only fitting, therefore, that your final paper will be all about, you guessed it, an issue in sports media! Indeed, this paper will have you conduct a case study of a problem in sports media today. Topics for this paper can range from how TV blurs the lines between TV personalities and journalists, the lack of minorities in sports media, “gendered” media jobs, broadcasting rights, blackout restrictions, talking heads, bias, etc. For this paper, you’ll want to discuss the problem, and why it’s a problem, but you’ll also want to provide some form of a potential real-world resolution to the issue.Alternatively, you may want to do your assignment on a sports media issue from the past. Meaning, something that was once an issue but no longer is. This could revolve around the amount of coverage in the past, or lack thereof, or perhaps the language that broadcasters would use. If you take this route, instead of providing your own solution to the problem (as you would with the 1st option), explain what the actual solution was. What happened that fixed this issue?If you’re having trouble thinking of a topic, I highly recommend returning to our class readings. The Power of Sports provides a discussion of many issues in each chapter, with each chapter revolving around a major theme. Or, of course, use your own experience both in terms of classes you’ve taken, things you’ve experienced or seen on TV, or your own sports fandom.You are certainly more than welcome to confirm your topic with me if you’d like, but it is not mandatory.Your final paper should consist of 1,600 words, so, when choosing your topic, make sure there is enough to write that much about. I’ll also ask that you incorporate at least five sources, so I know you’re not just pulling information out of thin air. Our class readings can count as one of your five sources – if you use it, make sure you cite it. Please cite your sources both within your paper (when you use information from that particular source either via direct quote or paraphrasing) and in a Reference page at the end. Just make sure your sources aren’t ripped straight from Wikipedia (the reference links at the bottom of Wikipedia pages are certainly okay). Citation format is up to you (I tend to like APA, personally), but just make sure it’s clear.Font should be Times New Roman and size 12. Your paper should be double spaced. Your submission should be a Word doc or a PDF. If you submit a .pages file, your file will be destroyed immediately. Please submit via the appropriate link on iLearn – this will go through Turnitin, so I recommend not plagiarizing.Papers will be due on Wednesday, May 11, at 11:55pm. This paper is worth 100 points, so I suggest turning it in, and turning it in on time.Need 5 sources