Statistics. Must be solved in excel

A diagram of the eight
display rooms that Bayside uses for exhibitions is shown in Figure 7.13; the
openings between the rooms are numbered 1 through 13. A security firm proposed
that two-way cameras be installed at some room openings. Each camera has the
ability to monitor the two rooms between which the camera is located. For
example, if a camera were located at opening number 4, rooms 1 and 4 would be
covered; if a camera were located at opening 11, rooms 7 and 8 would be
covered; and so on. Management decided not to locate a camera system at the
entrance to the display rooms. The objective is to provide security coverage
for all eight rooms using the minimum number of two-way cameras.
a. Formulate a 0-1 integer linear programming model that
will enable Bayside’s management to determine the locations for the camera
b. Solve the model formulated in part (a) to determine how
many two-way cameras to purchase and where they should be located.
c. Suppose that management wants to provide additional
security coverage for room 7. Specifically, management wants room 7 to be
covered by two cameras. How would your model formulated in part (a) have to
change to accommodate this policy restriction?
d. With the policy restriction specified in part (c),
determine how many two-way camera systems will need to be purchased and where
they will be located.
Figure 7-13 below/attached/sample attached