Stereotyping and Healthcare Decisions: obesity

Introduction (approximately 150 words)– What the essay will cover, including the identification of the chosen patient/client group with a commonalityBackground Information (approximately 200 words) – Provide brief information about the commonality of the patient/client group.Stereotyping of the chosen group (approximately 200 words) – Provide a definition of stereotyping, and discuss common stereotyping labels/behaviours society has towards the patient/client group and why.It is important to think about specific labels/behaviours towards the chosen group, but also consider non-specific labels/behaviours that the public may have such as talking over disabled people, staring at people with a disfigurement and disapproving when behaviour is seen as ‘abnormal’.The Impact of Stereotyping (approximately 650 words) – Discuss patient safety and potential vulnerability by considering how stereotyping can impact the patient/client group’s physical and mental health, individual health choices, and their access to health care.Consider how labels/behaviour make people feel about themselves, and how this transfers into how they feel society accepts them.

Consider how stereotyping can make people vulnerable through their own actions, or the actions of others, which could potentially result in concerns for their safety.

Example: Obesity – if people comment about size or eating all the time, it can make the person withdraw, comfort eat, or be too embarrassed to exercise. This could lead to health issues but also deterioration of mental health causing self-neglect or isolation. They may not access healthcare for fear of blame. Reflection on self-awareness and resilience (approximately 500 words) – Consider your own values and beliefs about other people, and your thoughts and feelings on how others have or could treat you, and the coping mechanisms you have or need to develop.What has it felt like to consider your own stereotyping views of people?

Are you able to be honest about your views of others?

Have any of your opinions been challenged through the learning?

Are there any aspects that you feel you should, or would, want to change?

What have you learned which will help you cope with any stereotyping behaviours/actions that people might aim towards you?

Are there any coping mechanisms/skills you need to develop to build your resilience

Conclusion (approximately 150 words) – Summarise the main points of the essay.please mention about the Nursing and midwifery council code of conduct in the essay.