Student Resonses for Sociology Student #1- Kiarra Wilkes The most important and

Student Resonses for Sociology

Student #1- Kiarra Wilkes

The most important and helpful to guide you throughout an interview is to research your company’s history culture and mission through their website or even social media interactions, for one it’s embarrassing just as the etext on pg. 234 under prioritize your contacts states “The worst question you can ask is “What is it that your company does?”. It is best you are prepared tp know the company you are interviewing for, this actually appears to be a very great impression showing your interest in the company and any question you may have may be more intellectual than your modern mundane questions.

Keeping your resume and cover letters along with your important documaents inside of a leather profolio is a great way to appear to the employer as organized which is one, a great first impression and two, a great aspect of a potential candidate. I found this interesting in the “Sticky Situation” article, that it was mentioned to take notes of the recruiters name, phone number, and address, in order to prompt you to use their name and help you not to forget. One more advice especially found in etext chapter 10 pg. 220, you may utilize note taking for a Thank you or appreciation letter after the interview to show your appreciation towards the recruiter and also other attendees that have assisted and helped you as you were patiently waited for your interview. 

Another important factor that can make or break an interview is your appearance you should always look presentable and professional, (Men suit and tie and a clean face and Women skirt suit and hair should be pulled back away from the face). Your facial expressions speak your inner most thoughts. Smiling mostly will be your best asset and a safe haven, everyone loves a smile and their reaction mostly will be reciprocated. Posture is a form of communication and apart of how you will appear to others. Slouching will mostly likely appear as if you are bored or disinterested, so sit erected and neck straight and eye contact is important to show that the interviewer has your undivided attention.


I found ithis Ted Talk hilarious, insightful and I empathized with mostly everything Brene Brown had shared. When she shared the part of reading the comments behind her work and all of the critical comments anyway after being told not to. This is something I know I would have done myself and getting entangled in what and how others think about you and your work. I ciurrently create jewelry and it can get a bit over whelming but this is something that she mentioned about getting into battle and being ready for these kind of criticisms. The bravery behind her analyzing what it can do instead of staying within her emotions and not allowing these critics to get to her. The fact that she allowed this to motivate her this is bravery. Showing up and being seen, winning isn’t always going to happen failure happens to become better at your craft, you have to be ready for the beatdown in order to cultivate bravery and showing up in which I believe was her synopsis of the Ted Talk. 

Student #2 Mei Lin Lee

Research: I feel like research is one of the main points that can help build and benefit a professional brand and professional presence. Research on something can definitely help a person feel more confident and in control because the more you know about something the easier it would come to you and you can talk about it confidently. For example, I once watched this show I don’t remember the name of it but it had to do with fashion and models and during an interview a girl was asked what do you know about fashion and what designers and people do you know in fashion. The girl didn’t really have an answer but all she knew was that she wanted to be in fashion because she enjoyed the whole modeling thing. Not to say you can’t be a model or in fashion or whatever it is that you want to do without knowing some knowledge on the subject but it would be helpful to get familiar with what you’re going to be doing and who is involved. When it comes to the professional brand research would also be helpful because the more you know on a topic it is way easier to create the image you are trying to portray since you have knowledge on what it is you’re trying to create.

Decide on what you will wear: Deciding on what you will is also an important point on professional brand and professional presence. What you where as a person can say a lot about someone. Someone who is dressed in business wear tends to be more sophisticated, organized, knows what they are doing where as if someone is dressed more casual like maybe they are more chilled and laid back. Whatever you choose to wear that’s how you decide to present yourself to the world. This is important for professional brand because its up to the person to decide how they want their brand come off to other people how they want the brand to be portrayed. Would you want everyone wearing business attire or casual attire depends on how you will present your brand.

Introduce yourself: Introducing yourself is tricky but also a good point as well. When you walk into any job place you’re normally introduced by whoever is in the front. That first person will be your first impression so depending on how they introduce themselves can say a lot, maybe its their tone in voice or how they worded something can say how a person is. For the professional brand maybe you want everything to be the same and introduce themselves the same way or maybe you don’t mind how people introduce themselves as long as its in a professional and your brand looks good. These are all very important points I feel like for professional presence and professional brand.

In the Ted Talk “Why Your Critics Don’t Count” I feel like its a 50/50. If you’re doing something you love it shouldn’t really matter what the critics have to say about you or what you’re doing because the thing that you’re doing is for yourself not for those that down grade and make a person feel bad. I also feel like critics could count because it could make a person stronger on what they are doing. In reality though it doesn’t really matter what the critics because you’re doing good and doing something you enjoy doing and doing it for yourself the ones that aren’t critics are just there supporting you and pushing you forward.